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I\'ve been a Doctor Who fan since the late seventies/early eighties, and Tom Baker\'s last couple of years on screen. Was overjoyed when it came back to the small screen in 2005, and rapidly fell head over heels for Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant in turn. Used to write fanfic, but not for a few years - however, Doomsday gave me the shot in the arm that I needed and my Muse came back!

Update 11/09/2007

Firstly, can I just say hi to everyone in the USA. Will be saying a prayer, and thinking about you all today.
Now - I wanna say big thanks to a friend of mine. I still haven\'t gotten things straight, personally speaking. Any of you who are patiently waiting for an update on any of my stories will have noticed this. Big apologies to those of you who are - and let me say, you won\'t have to wait too long now. Lady of Gallifrey has given me support above and beyond the call of duty this last while, and has helped me \'see things in perspective, and get back on track\', as it were. She has given me the proverbial \'kick up the bum\' when needed. I just wanna say thankies, and that I\'m glad and grateful that you\'re my friend.
Right - let\'s get back to the reading, writing and reviewing!!!

Update 26/10/07
Please note there will be no updates on any of my stories or review comments until further notice. We\'ve had a family bereavement, and I won\'t be back at the computer for a while. Grateful thanks to Lady of Gallifrey and TorchwoodDoctor for their kind words and support - it is appreciated more than you will both ever know. Will email you both back when I\'m next at the computer.

Update 13/01/08

Happy New Year! Many thanks to everyone for their support over the festive season - especially Lady of Gallifrey and TorchwoodDoctor. It\'s been a struggle, and I\'m just beginning to see daylight, I think. Bereavement isn\'t an easy thing to go through, but I appreciate everyone\'s help. Hoping to get back into writing very soon, and have replied to some reviews today. Thanks for those! Just reading over some of my stories now to catch up with where I was up to. Hope to see you soon!
All the Best
Serendipity xxx

Update 4/6/08

Hi Everyone!
Sorry I haven\'t been on the site lately to update or review. Still trying to get my life back on track after bereavement. As before, thanks to Lady Of Gallifrey and TorchwoodDoctor for continued support. Baby steps, but I\'m getting there! Have posted something new tonight, to see if the writing skills are still there. If everything goes okay, may start updating very soon. A big \'hi\' and \'thanks\' to all my reviewers - apologies if some of you havent had replies yet. Hope to rectify this asap.
Serendipity xxx

Update 9th Nov 08

Just wanted to let you guys know that I am now on LJ! Nothing much startling happening at the moment, still getting the hang of it before I post there - but the address should now be viewable on this page for anyone who wants a look-see! For long, complicated and boring reasons, on LJ I am known as Astralpilgrim - but it\'s still me! Many, many thanks to ladyofgallifrey, who has given me (and continues to give me) all the LJ help I need. Couldn\'t have done it without you, babe! xxx

Update 8th March 2009

Just a little note to those of you patiently awaiting updates on my stories. Health and RL issues have frustrated me to the point of massive annoyance - as they have meant massive delays in my updates. Unfortuntately, this state of affairs is set to continue into the near future, as it seems I have to go through at least one more round of surgery. A thousand apologies to you all, and many many thanks for your patience. They will be sporadic, but updates will happen, as will replies to all your lovely reviews. Many thanks must also go to: rudeandquiteginger, ladyofgallifrey, manyshadesoflove and TorchwoodDoctor for their continued support. Couldn\'t get through this without you, girls!!! Fiona xx

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