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Hi There. I am Captain Bri. I am a simple, small town girl who dreams of bigger places but lack of funds cripples her. No worries! I\'m at college and enjoying changing my major every chance I get. My writing is my life and this is the first time I\'ve ever had the courage to share it with the world, so please be gentle. I will make mistakes, and may not update when I say I will, however, I am only human, please forgive me.

Fun facts about me: I\'m 21

I\'m interested in mental health (oh the irony)

I\'m Captain of my college\'s Speech and Debate Team

I\'ve been writing since I was in high school but have lacked the courage to publish

I am an American, but am fully convinced that my happiness lies somewhere in England. I live and breathe the culture, the langauge, the people, the hot celebrities, and FOOTBALL. I am a fan of Liverpool and a diehard national squad fan.

I love Doctor Who. Or, to be more specific, David Tennant. I think that if I ever saw a blue police box, I would freak out. An honest- to-god--complete with hysterical tears and shouting \"IT\'S THE DOCTOR!\" at the top of my lungs--freak out. Sidenote--my older sister and I got my whole family hooked on Doctor Who, so the following is now a typical conversation in my house:

Mom: Hey Brianna, want to watch Doctor Who?


I love Amy! She is one of my favorite companions. Karen and Matt have such good chemistry. I love Rory as well, he\'s grown on me since his first apparence back in series 5. The only character that continues to grate on my nerves is River Song. She had a good background, being mysterious and her \"spoliers\" bit, but this crap about her being a Time Lady or whatever and having a relationship with the Doctor is something I cannot get behind. It makes zero sense to me. With that being said, I\'m glad Steven Moffat finally decided to acknowledge the Doctor\'s previous companions, even if he associates them with guilt. AND WHERE IS CAPTAIN JACK HARKNESS?? He needs to show up some time soon! I think he\'d get a kick out of the whole bowtie business.