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A relatively new Whofan. My first Doctor is 9, my favorite is 10 and my by far favorite companion is Jack. I\'ve written in different spots on the Internet, mostly slash. My old fandoms were Law and Order SVU and Stargate, and now the Doctor and Jack Harkness have hooked me with their charms.


Future Lovers, Spoilers, and Not-Quite-Milkshakes by Lotus [Reviews - 0]
A quick story with River and Eleven, discussing their 'open' relationship in a way that only serves to drive the Doctor mad. River/Eleven, and Jack/Eleven, if you squint.

Characters: River Song, The Doctor (11th)
Series: None

  • Published: 2011.07.28
  • Updated: 2011.07.28
  • Chapters: 1
  • Completed: Yes
  • Word count: 779

The Hidden Time Lord by Lotus [Reviews - 25]
In Kyoto, 1336, the Doctor discovers a fob watch marked in Gallifreyan in the possession of Jack Harkness. Before he can open it, fate, the Bad Wolf, intervenes. Fearing what Jack could become, the Doctor flees, and must fight the ever growing urge to wake him. A series of drabbles connecting the Doctor and Jack. Eventual Jack/Doctor.

Characters: Jack Harkness, Rose Tyler, The Doctor (9th), The TARDIS, Martha Jones, Professor Yana, The Doctor (10th), The Master (Simm)
Series: None

  • Published: 2011.08.27
  • Updated: 2011.10.16
  • Chapters: 15
  • Completed: No
  • Word count: 18739