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I believe you, my reader, would become rather bored if I began writing a full biography here, due to the fact that my life is not very exciting. So instead, I shall fill you in on a few basic details about my life:

1) One night in November, 1998, I was born.

2) When I was 6, I discovered what Doctor Who was, and since 2005 I have attempted to not miss one episode (though there have been a few exceptions...).

3) In the month of June, 2011, I took up arms (picked up a pen), and began writing the prologue of my first story (I predicted I would have it on here by the 20th of June. I was a bit off).

Favourite Doctors (the best first):
1. The 10th Doctor
2. The 11th Doctor
3. The 5th Doctor
4. The 3rd Doctor
5. The 7th Doctor
6. The 9th Doctor
7. The 8th Doctor
8. The 1st Doctor
9. The 4th Doctor
10. The 2nd Doctor
11. The 6th Doctor (he reminds me of myself. Bad thing)

My top four companions:
1. Ace McShane (it goes without saying: she had to be on this list)
2. Captain Jack Harkness
3. Tegan Jovanka (\"Brave heart, Tegan. Brave heart\". Best 80\'s Doctor Who line ever! Well, I think it is, anyway. . .)
4. Romana II (only because she was quite fit)

My favourite Torchwood characters, in order:
1. Owen Harper
2. Captain Jack Harkness
3. Gwen Cooper
4. Ianto Jones
5. Rhys Williams
6. Oswald Danes (disturbing, but also genuinely interesting)
7. Rex Matheson
8. Esther Drummond
9. Toshiko Sato (she had a lovely smile, but not much else)

And another thing:
Thanks to 10TimeLord4Ever (or Grace Patterson, as her real name apparently is) for reviewing my d├ębut story.


The Two Time Lords by paradoxicaluniverse [Reviews - 9]
The TARDIS scanners find a sign of Time Lord life on Earth, and the Doctor (being the Doctor) can't resist the opportunity to find out if it is authentic or not. However, the TARDIS is millions of light-years away from Earth, in Kasterborous, and evidence of Time Lord life is fading by the second. Though that is only the start of this adventure. It continues when the Doctor, on Earth, finds his tweed jacket, from the future, shot through in the back.

Characters: Amy Pond, Other Character(s), Rory Williams, The Doctor (11th), The TARDIS
Series: None

  • Published: 2011.06.22
  • Updated: 2012.01.01
  • Chapters: 5
  • Completed: No
  • Word count: 25531