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Trans-Dimensional Shift by invisibleshifter [Reviews - 1]
A mysterious girl appears in one Torchwood, while another Torchwood searches for her. Gifted with knowledge that few in the universe possess, she quickly sets off to return home, and reunite lost friends in the process. Set during seasons 3 and 4.

Characters: Donna Noble, Donna Noble, Jack Harkness, Jack Harkness, Jack Harkness, Martha Jones, Martha Jones, Martha Jones, Mickey Smith, Mickey Smith, Other Character(s), Other Character(s), Other Character(s), Rose Tyler, Rose Tyler, The Doctor (10th), The Doctor (10th), The
Series: None

  • Published: 2011.06.08
  • Updated: 2016.01.13
  • Chapters: 4
  • Completed: No
  • Word count: 10020