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hhhmmm....what to say....well for starters I LOVE DOCTOR WHO more than like anything else. well except for my family. and my dogs. and my friends. well you get the picture. its my fav tv show!!!!

My real name is beth.....errm....i absolutly love animals!!!I have 2 dogs of my own and they are amzingly cute! One of them is very ill though. I won\'t explain what because saying the word itself is too hard and long.....then again this comes from someone who can say raxacoricofalipatorius (can\'t spell it though :-P) without blinking. But anyway basically his back legs won\'t work. Poor baby. He falls over all the time!!!!

aaannnnyyywaayy.....I have a tenacy to review nearly every story i read, use lots of exclamation marks and dots..................................see?
I also a tendancy to get sidetracked from whatever I\'m doing and rambly on about whatever......much like the tenth doctor!
if you asked me to pick between the ninth or 10th doctor i couldn\'t choose. They were both so amazing in their own ways. Like with the ninth it was all his silly grins and the jokes about his ears and nose, and with the tenth everything he says is really funny and jokey and he has a gorgues grin too! I\'m better at writing stuff with the tenth doctor though.....

weelll...i hated the episode GITF!!!!! Destested it! it went agaisnt everything they\'d built up about the doctor. He leaves Rose and Mickey on a spaceship to die, while he swans off saving a stupid french woman he has known for a day. yep you guessed it hate Madame de Pomadour......I\'m a droser...its in my blood! and yes i know that some people hate the word drose...yes yes. Bt i like it. when I say it I just mean 9 or 10 rose. If i want to be speicific then I say which one it is. okay?

I have a bad habit of starting a story and never doing anything on it again. So far though I\'ve surprised myslef with my series \"Togethjer Agin\". basically its about how the doctor and Rose met again ad what happens after. At the mometn they\'re in the middle of a plaugue...and its not the one you think....its a ather more horrific gruesome one that involves the skin....okay I\'ll stop there.

lalallal! hhhmmm......bum bah da dum bum bum!!!
I\'m a member on LF and i quite like Lost, though not as much as Doctor Who obviously. However there is a Doctor who section on it so yay! If you\'re interested just go to \"other tv shows\" and the doctor and rose obbsevive Society of Evil is in there somewhere (D.R.O.S.E for short!) i will be as usual.........i-love-drose!

Okay well you can probably tell that I type so fast i make millions of mistakes and my grammar is terible. I really shuld get a beta reader one of theese days....any volunteers? :-D

anyway thats all for now might update sometime later! see you guys!

UPDATE 23/09/06
Newest Chpater of Deaths Door is about to go up! *puts on amercian accent* I\'d just like to thank my mum, and my dad, and my sister, and my little dowgie\'s who made all of this possibel....ahem. More like I\'d just like to thank my new beta reader membio! Hopefully you\'ll all see an improvement in my stories now-leess mistakes!

Well I\'ve had writeers block for ages adn havn\'t been able to write anything. But ow i\'m beggining to write a bit more of Deaths door. I also have a couple of ideas on expanding Light up.....amybe. i don\'t know. but hopefully I\'ll add a chapter to SOMETHING soon.

Torchwood is great isn\'t it? i love the pteradactoyl. I have named him....Gacrodo....don\'t ask why...its a long long story....adn i alos love Jack/gwen. tehy\'er so cute!!!

UPDATE : 21/10/06

There\'s a blue peter competition for a role on doctor who!!! and i\'m entering!!!! SQUEE!!! I might gte to meet...HIM!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!

I Am Bad Wolf
Membio (read the chemistry lessons everyone! they rock!)


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