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24, American, introduced to new Who only this last spring, now fully caught up to Series 5, uninitiated into Classic Who series, but semi-extensively researched on the subject.

Absolutely a fan of the Doctor, Nine was my first, rather soft on Ten, Eleven is growing on me, big fan of Rose and quite a sucker for Doctor/Rose (especially Ten/Rose). Donna\'s fabulous, Martha\'s all right, Mickey\'s hilarious. Jack is... well, he\'s Jack. Ahem. Amy is good when she\'s not after the Doctor, Rory\'s a darling, and they\'re adorable together. Not at all fond of River Song, but couldn\'t say I absolutely loathe her.

I\'ve withdrawn from the fanficiton game as a writer, but am still an avid reader, mostly of Whofic, these days.

Unfortunately, as I am trying to focus on the novels I am attempting to write, I keep getting bombarded by bothersomely interesting ideas for Who stories. I am considering the notion of repurposing my languishing-in-neglect Livejournal for the goal of putting up Whofic ideas for open adoption.

If anyone is interested, if it happens, I will most certainly add a link here. Also, feel free to visit me at my deviantART account, if you like. It\'s listed as my website.


All and Also All by Absentia [Reviews - 3]
After another missed landing on an alien world, the Doctor and Rose arrive on a day where not everyone lives, and Rose worries for the Doctor's grip on hope.

  • Tenth Doctor
  • All Ages
  • None
  • Angst, Character Study, Drama, Fluff, Het, Hurt/Comfort

Characters: Rose Tyler, The Doctor (10th)
Series: None

  • Published: 2011.01.12
  • Updated: 2011.01.12
  • Chapters: 1
  • Completed: Yes
  • Word count: 1982