HelenAnne (Helen)

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Joined up to save all the wonderful stories that I have read on this site since coming across it in January.
10th Doctor is my favourite, will read any story centered around him, especially any in the hurt/comfort genre. I feel that David Tennant\'s Doctor needed to be looked after, Doctor/Donna stories are fantastic for that.
Also am quite taken with the idea of alternative 10 in the parallel world with Rose, to that effect DT is still the Doctor and always will be.
As much as I adored watching Rose and Donna, Martha is my favourite companion. In series three the writers really put the Doctor through a lot emotionally and Martha was always tbere to help him.
I have no intention of ever writing any stories as my literacy skills leave much to be desired, I will leave the stories to the brilliant and talented people on this site to keep up with the good work.