develish1 (Dawn)

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I am, and have been for far more years than I care to admit to, a major addict when it comes to Doctor Who. Hubby, who is one of the biggest geeks I know on certain things, actually calls me a DW geek. I\'m still trying to decide if that\'s an insult or a compliment though, lol.

My Doctor growing up was definitely Tom Baker (eek that probably gives my age away) who I met a few years ago, and who\'s autograph I now have, and cherish.

As an adult though, I\'m suffering some serious lust for David Tennant, (As I think another member has said, \"I may be married, but I\'m not dead!\") and Chris Eccleston, so I tend to read mostly Nine/Rose, Ten/Rose and AltTen/Rose stuff, as you can probably tell from my favourites. Having said that though, I\'m also happy to read other pairings (Het or Slash) and OT3\'s, and I\'ve recently become rather fond of Eight too for some reason, so if you have any recommendations...

Sadly, I don\'t have the writing skills of most of the people here. I hope to improve, and I have done a few stories now, which friends have convinced me to post, although I\'m still not convinced they\'re that good. There may be more in future, but don\'t hold your breath, lol.

I am a Brit, so I\'m happy to offer help with \"brit-picking\" etc if anyone feels they need it. If you\'d like my help in any way, please just let me know.

Oh and, just call me Dev

(I\'ve just looked through my favourites again and realised something. It\'s full of smut! What does this say about me I wonder? lol)

After realising I suffer from a minor smut addiction, I agreed to help run a weekend community over at livejournal which tends to focus on smutty fan fic, and the posting of, and lusting over, pictures of David Tennant, Chris Eccleston, John Simm and John Barrowman. If you\'d like to join us, please do Bad Wolf Rising