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Im Welsh and in love with Doctor Who.
I got in to Doctor Who about six years ago when it started back up. I always loved watching it with Christopher Eccleston (I thought he was he was really good) but I really started obsessing when David Tennant took up the role.
Itís defiantly fair to say Iím obsessed with David Tennant.
I was heartbroken to see David Tennant leave and now more than ever I am determined to keep David Tennant as my favourite Doctor of all time. -And if I help other Tennant fans to survive his absence then thatís brilliant to-.
I\'ve read and loved most of the Doctor who books. I have always been a fan of the books and now Iíve read many of the tenth Doctor books I think (hope) I am able to construct a few decent fan fictions. Hope you enjoy!!!

Additional information
Iím really worried about Steven Moffet taking over as main writer. His episodes from the previous seasons were a bit dark for me (I do like vampire stories but Iím not a big fan of other horror)
Blink was a pretty good idea for a story but I didnít like the actual episode (The concept was great). I didnít like love and monsters either so I guess that means that Iím not that fond of episodes that donít have much of the Doctor in.
I am ready to give Matt Smith a chance and Iím looking forward to the Easter episode. He seems full of life and energy. Sorry, but in my opinion he doesnít seem old enough to be a wise 900+ year old time lord who has had (ad least)a daughter and a grandchild in the past.
Anyway, Good luck to Matt and Stefan.
Hope they make Doctor Who as fantastic as David and Rustle did. (I doubt thatís possible for anyone to match up to but I still want them to do well)