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Science fiction fan living and working in beautiful midtown, St. Louis, MO.
Ten is (finally) My Doctor after all these years :-)
I enjoy reading DW/Ten/Martha/Donna/Jack!/Torchwood stories with an affinity for DoctorWhump and stories with \"meat on their bones.\"
I love reading, painting and bw photography I enjoy working in a traditional photolab but haven\'t been able to do this in quite some time. I am not one of the pseduo intellectuals who doesn\'t watch tv.
I hold a master\'s degree in Instructional Technology and am a staunch believer that everyone can learn despite any disabilities.
I have finally \"gone green\" and no longer print out all the stories I read I know download them to my Kindle Fire. Love that Fire.
My musical tastes are all over the place: hip hop, r&b, jazz, fusion, classical, rock and pop.
My first fan letter I wrote was to Robert Vaughn (google him). My wish is to see David Tennant on stage in England or heck here in the States. I have twin daughters and one grandson, Xander.
I attend Archon the St Louis Science Fiction Fantasy Convention and am often on panels discussion science fiction in the media. Hopefully this year I\'ll do a panel on the life and times of the Tenth Timelord.