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i love Doctor who, torchwood sarahjane, the lot i love it all.

i loved the 10th doctor and rose together, who didn\'t? but i think amy looks great with the 11th...
my mate hates me for that last statement oh well, also our media teacher she likes. lol. he likes matt smith better!

ive been writing my stories for a while but the site never puts them on. too bad i guess. am in the middle of a big 11 and Amy story, its even got the master. again! will try to post it soon.

my fave episodes lines from each series...

series 1-
fave ep- episode 12- Bad Wolf.
fave line-
androide: but your naked, where were u hiding that?
captain jack:Do you really wanna know?

Series 2-
fave ep- episode 2- tooth and claw.
fave line- episode love and monsters-
Rose: You upset my mum.
Elton: Big absorbing alien monstor thingy, an your avin a go at me?

Series 3-
fave ep- episode 13- last of the timelords
fave line-
Captain jack: i was the first one to sign up for the time agency, \'the face of boe\', they called me.

Series 4
fave ep- episode 5- the pioson sky.
fave line-
Donna: back of the neck

series 5
fave ep- episode 5- flesh and stone
fave line- episode 1- Eleventh hour
the doctor: An\' she left you here all alone?
Amelia: I\'m not scared
The doctor: \'course your not! box falls out of the sky, man falls out of a box man eats fish custard! Tell you what, there must be hell of a scary crack in your wall.


Hi, well ive tried recently and they seem to post my ideas, ill try to work on that doctor and Amy one xxx