ofalan96 (Olivia)

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My name is Olivia...a huge fan of Doctor Who, obviously, or I would not be here. I have made several unseuccessful attempts at starting a story or two here but I figured I might as well give this place another shot...it IS pretty neat.

I am a HUGE fan of David Tennant, he\'s the best. I do love Matt Smith also; if I weren\'t still so loyal to David, I would say Matt is better because...well, for many different reasons

As for my stories...if any of you do read my stories, if they ever do get started, then PLEASE do not flame. NO FLAMMING! Hate flamers! They don\'t do any good on a site like this, where constructive critisicm is supposed to be given. Comments like \"Ooh, update soon!\" I can bear but I\'d really love constructive critisicim, not random fluff.

Now, I am a complete 10/Rose shipper. They are so cute together! However, I also quite like Martha and feel sort of sorry for her because of the unrequited love story between the Doctor and her. So, I am sort of a 10/Martha shipper, too, but all in all I\'m in it for 10 and Rose! I also love Donna Noble! She\'s like the Doctor\'s big sister or a.k.a., best friend! I mean, from my persepctive, they DO act like brother/sister sometimes! So I may end up writing some 10/Donna stories, too, but NO romance! I saw no romance whatsoever from series four. To me, they have a brother/sister relationship that is just adorable. ALSO, I am a fairly large 11/Amy, 11/Rose, and 10/Amy shipper...and this is mostly due to that I will mix and match almost any pairing and it feels right to me. I just don\'t do Donna/Doctor romances...:p

Fav. Episodes: The Doctor\'s Daughter/Doomsday/A Good Man Goes To War/The Doctor\'\'s Wife/The Eleventh Hour
Least Fav. Episodes: The Lodger/Human Nature/Family of Blood/Victory Of The Daleks/The Beast Below/Turn Left/The Curse Of The Black Spot
Fav. Character: Tenth Doctor/11th Doctor (I can\'t choose!!!)
Least Fav. Character: I could care less about Mickey Smith. I never really fancied him. :P