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I\'m half American, half British sci-fi geek, England who started watching the new series from a sense of duty and fell in love with it. Nine will always be my Doctor. I do love the Doctor as a whole though, all his incarnations are special and I have a fondness for Two and Seven from the classic era. Loved Ten and I\'m sad he\'s gone but Eleven seems pretty damned good so far.

The. Doctor. Is. An. ALIEN. When people ignore that it does frustrate me, a fair bit.

In any case, that\'s me. Basically.


Coeurs, pluriels by Neth Dugan [Reviews - 0]
'Humans. Lovely little race, at times. But they had an uncany ability of keeping their heads firmly up their arses.' - The Doctor's thoughts Post Girl in the Fireplace on humanity.

Characters: The Doctor (10th)
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  • Published: 2006.05.07
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