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Hi. Have been a major Dr. who and torchwood fan for \'bout 4 years now but tend to only watch the new series of who (ninth Doctor onward). i drive my friends mad with dr who!
Fanfiction changed my life and i LOVE it! discovered this site while being Dr who starved after s4 and instantly became addicted. :)
David tennant is my favourite Doctor and Rose Tyler is by far my most favourite companion with cpt. jack and donna following close seconds.
i\'m a huge 10/rose shipper and always will be but i also like stories that ship rose/any other incarnation of the dr (they are the same man after all) 10/jack (obviously the logical choice) donna/jack, rose/jack, jenny/jack and rose/master (don\'t ask! - im just in love with the pairing)
i hate 10/martha, 10/astrid, 10/reinette, 10/riversong (she\'s not even that pretty) 10/donna (they\'re JUST friends!) and im not a big fan of jack/ianto either (i just think the doctor and jack would make a better couple instead and i thought ianto as a character can be a bit boring, but i don\'t hate him. i don\'t really like rose/10.5 either - anyone who mucks up a happy ending gets instant dislike from me. i also think that rose may not appreciate getting left in a parrallel universe (again), she deserves better.
my favourite episodes are:
fathers day, empty child/dr dances, badwolf/potw, fear her, doomsday, partners in crime, midnight, turn left, se/je. the top 3 being potw, doomsday and turnleft (thought this ep was written beautifully)
i read all sorts of dr who fanfiction but love reading stories about the bad wolf - \'tis one of the aspects of the new series that truly fascinates me. :)