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My name is Leah and I am sixteen years old :) Proud Who fanatic. David Tennant is the awesome-est Doctor ever. And he\'s pretty hot. Even if he is like . . . twenty two years older than me, lmao. Old enough to be my Dad actually. Older than my Dad. But I don\'t hate Matt Smith for replacing David Tennant - give him a chance.

Probably end up being another awesomely amazing Doctor Who, right? =P

So....I\'m working on a big 10Rose series right now. That\'ll be done soon enough - well, I hope. and peace, and all that jazz.

Leah =]


And Then There Was Rose by alwaysuptonogood [Reviews - 6]
Set directly after Voyage of The Damned. The Doctor searched for a way to find Rose, but it seemed to be pointless. But he didn't give up. Until that Christmas Day where the TARDIS seemed to have a mind of its own. Now in Pete's universe, he can finally see Rose again. Except she's gone missing. 10/Rose, Jackie/Pete. First story in a series.

  • Tenth Doctor
  • Teen
  • Swearing
  • Action/Adventure, Alternate Universe, Drama, Het, Mystery, Romance

Characters: Jackie Tyler, Mickey Smith, Other Character(s), Pete Tyler, Rose Tyler, The Doctor (10th), The TARDIS
Series: None

  • Published: 2009.10.30
  • Updated: 2009.10.31
  • Chapters: 2
  • Completed: No
  • Word count: 3287

That Was What The Hell Happened by alwaysuptonogood [Reviews - 1]
Set directly after The Age Of Steel. Once Rose has calmed down, Jackie wants to know exactly what happened. And she soon comes to a realisation of 'what' exactly Rose and the Doctor are. 10Rose.

  • Tenth Doctor
  • All Ages
  • None
  • Fluff, Het, Hurt/Comfort, Introspection, Missing Scene, Romance

Characters: Jackie Tyler, Rose Tyler, The Doctor (10th)
Series: None

  • Published: 2009.11.17
  • Updated: 2009.11.19
  • Chapters: 1
  • Completed: Yes
  • Word count: 1277