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Penname:merlin (chris)
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37 year old male who finaly found a site to get out all his idea\'s.
Soon goona be married with 2 teenage step daughters so i dont know ho long i will get to do theses. lol
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Stories by merlin [6] Favorite Stories and Series [8] Favorite Authors [0]
Doomsday Dimensions by Dr Miracle [Reviews - 41]
Rose's parallel universe has a parallel Doctor--in his Eighth incarnation, unscarred by the Time War. But something's afoot on Gallifrey.
Eighth Doctor, Multi-Era - All Ages - None - Action/Adventure, General
Characters: Romana II, Romana II, Rose Tyler, The Doctor (8th), The Doctor (8th), The Master (Other)
Series: Doomsday Dimensions
Published: 2006.08.18 - Updated: 2006.09.01 - Chapters: 8 - Completed: Yes - Word Count: 9891

Etymology by Hllangel [Reviews - 1]
Heroes/Doctor Who crossover: Some words have more history than others. Jack/Peter, Peter/Claude, Claude/Nine, Nine/Jack
Ninth Doctor - All Ages - None - Crossover, Slash
Characters: Jack Harkness, The Doctor (9th)
Series: None
Published: 2007.10.24 - Updated: 2007.10.24 - Chapters: 1 - Completed: Yes - Word Count: 5634

His Constant Companion by MaraJaded [Reviews - 5]
The Doctor learns that someone is always with him.
Tenth Doctor - All Ages - General - Crossover, General
Characters: Other Character(s), The Doctor (10th)
Series: Close Encounters of the Tenth Kind
Published: 2006.07.06 - Updated: 2006.07.06 - Chapters: 1 - Completed: Yes - Word Count: 1826

Morality by Blue_Star [Reviews - 44]
After months of trying, the Doctor finally appears to have got Tegan back to Heathrow. But nothing is ever as simple as it seems. And something else has been expecting them.
Fifth Doctor - All Ages - None - Action/Adventure
Characters: Adric, Nyssa, Tegan Jovanka
Series: None
Published: 2006.01.12 - Updated: 2006.08.18 - Chapters: 10 - Completed: No - Word Count: 48718

One Perfect Day by AvalonNocturne [Reviews - 47]
When an accident sends Rose back in time to meet the Eighth Doctor, she considers telling him about the Time War. Will she risk it?
Multi-Era - All Ages - None - Angst, Het
Characters: Rose Tyler, The Doctor (8th)
Series: None
Published: 2006.04.11 - Updated: 2006.04.15 - Chapters: 6 - Completed: Yes - Word Count: 6619

The Darkest Dreams by Gary Merchant [Reviews - 4]
In the cargo hold of a cruiser, something stirs. The Doctor, Ace and Hex investigate, with unexpected results.
Seventh Doctor - All Ages - General - Action/Adventure, Drama, General
Characters: Ace McShane, Other Character(s), The Doctor (7th), Hex Schofield
Series: None
Published: 2006.08.22 - Updated: 2006.08.31 - Chapters: 3 - Completed: Yes - Word Count: 9391

The Leaping Man by Kitten Kong Destroyed Wotan [Reviews - 16]
The Doctor and Rose get involved in a time travel experiement and an alien invasion attempting to cease it.
Tenth Doctor - All Ages - General - Action/Adventure, Crossover, General
Characters: Rose Tyler, The Doctor (10th), The TARDIS
Series: None
Published: 2006.05.31 - Updated: 2006.09.26 - Chapters: 5 - Completed: No - Word Count: 4711

The Mouth of Setesh by Marnal [Reviews - 8]
The 7th Doctor and Ace meet some old friends, and the legacy of an old enemy. This story takes into account some of the events in the BBC book The Bodysnatchers, as well as events in the original TV series
Seventh Doctor - All Ages - None - Horror
Characters: Ace McShane, Other Character(s), The Doctor (7th)
Series: Dirty Work
Published: 2006.04.09 - Updated: 2007.01.28 - Chapters: 15 - Completed: Yes - Word Count: 36383

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