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Penname:timorous_beastie (Wily Haddock)
Member Since:2007.01.03
We are the legion of the Beast Wily Haddock.

We are two lowly bisons who enjoy roaming about in the open with the Elder Pliny [R.I.P]. We\'ve been writing fanfic for about a year now, mainly tenth Doctor/Rose. We have a mild extreme aversion to anything ninth Doctor/Rose because, really, who can match up to David Tennant?

However, despite our hermit-like tendencies, we have formed our own branch of Hermits United. We have regular meetings with our fellow hounds and, being rather forgiving beasts, we still tolerate them, even after all their blasphemous comments about our religion [the Holy Church of David].

We shall take this beastly opportunity to introduce you to some of our fellow members of Hermits United.

Nora: *looks at Shannon & Ellie* You can go to the library. *looks at us* You can go do your Doctor Who story. *looks at Jeannie* We can go to lunch. *looks at Corinne* And you...can bugger off.

Corinne: I can always sit with my other friends, you know.
Jeannie: You haven\'t got any other friends.

Rhonda: Don\'t take offence...I need it to guard my sheep.

Corinne [giving clues midway through a game of \'Who am I?\']: It\'s a bit like a pixie...
Rhonda: I don\'t know...a goblin?
Corinne: Think of me in my school uniform.
Rhonda [finally getting it]: Oh! Leprechaun!

Nanette [lying in bed in the dark]: Oh my God, what\'s that falcon doing in my bedroom?! Oh...wait a minute...that\'s a chair.

Rhonda\'s dad: If Rhonda had her way, it\'d be David Tennant walking her up the aisle, not me.
Nanette: If she had her way, I think he\'d already be up there.

Nanette: Can you think of any adages to do with babies?
Jeannie: What\'s an adage?
Nanette: A saying, like \'time flies\'.
Jeannie: Oh right...baby flies?

Nanette [in a Greek lesson, referring to the Greek letter and the Doctor]: We haven\'t had many Thetas.
Rhonda [mishearing]: We haven\'t had any foetuses?!

Rhonda [during tennis in PE]: If we get ten in a row, we each get to wish for something. What are our aims?
Nanette: John Barrowman will decide he\'s straight.
Rhonda: David Tennant will ditch Sophia Myles.
Nanette: Rose\'ll come back.
Rhonda: We\'ll marry John and David in a four-way new-age marriage ceremony...Corinne can have Chris.
Nanette [100 attempts later]: Yep, I think that counts.

If anyone would like a beta, we\'d love to help!

May the Beast be with you.
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