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Once upon a time, there was a tiny little island continent in the Pacific. On that island continent, there were two people who loved each other very much, so they had a baby. Then they decided they didn\'t actually love each other very much at all, so they ran away from each other, forgetting about the child a little.

The child tried to make both her parents happy - for her mum, she got good grades, and gave up her only friend so her mum could live in a safe place when she got sick in the head. For her dad, she worked within his rules but did not enjoy her time there because she had nobody to play with.

Her dad knew this, and bought her a laptop, and he said she could take that laptop anywhere, it would be her friend, and when it broke he would fix it.

One day she did break the laptop, and when she showed her dad, he was angry, and when she reminded him of what he said when he gave that laptop to her, he fixed it but never stopped being angry, even when they did fun things together.

She ran back to her mum when he got too angry, and she gave the girl to a lady that was supposed to fix things when mums couldn\'t and dads wouldn\'t.

That lady made her grow up inside, and the girl\'s outside is all caught up now, but her parents will never see their baby girl again.
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A series dealing with the tangled web of relationships in the Tardis, and their eventual fall-out. Okay, it isn't - it's just a collection of all my smut.
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