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I blame Ravelry. That\'s the knitters\' networking website that introduced me to Internet fanfiction, Doctor Who, and Teaspoon.

Four was my first Doctor - some nineteen years before I actually watched any Doctor Who, due to some complicated timey-wimey stuff - but Three promptly took over as my Doctor when I actually started watching the show. (If I ever write any multi-Doctor fic, I do plan to try and keep cardinal numbers out of it, but for discussion it\'s faster.)

I\'m basically a non-shipper in the conventional sense, but I do admit to a certain amount of Three/Liz UST and a fondness for Three/Jo cuddlefic, especially Primsong\'s. My OTP is Doctor/TARDIS. (And if any fellow Whoknitters reading this don\'t know who I am by now, you haven\'t been reading enough VRC!)

Whew. That was a lot of acronyms right there. Now go read some fics!

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