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Reading & writing Dr Who was one of the things that got me interested in fanfic in the first place; after I started writing a few newer fanfics in this genre, I decided that then was as good a time as any to branch out and start an account here along with some of my other accounts.

I\'m an AVID Ten/Martha fan- there\'s really shockingly little of that pairing, in my opinion-, but I otherwise tend to generalise when reading about this Doctor (That\'s not to say I won\'t read Ten/Rose stuff; I just think that, when faced with a choice between the two, the Doctor should ALWAYS choose the more mature and independent Martha Jones over the more \'needy\' Rose).

Now that the Tenth Doctor has regenerated, I\'m a particular fan of anything pairing the Eleventh Doctor together with Amy Pond; I don\'t really think River works as the Doctor\'s WIFE, and while I like Rory as a companion I continue to feel that the Doctor and Amy have a far deeper and more interesting connection than she has with Rory.

Of the past Doctors, my personal favourite Doctor is the Eighth Doctor- you have to admire the man who made the impossible choice of sacrificing his planet to save the universe-, but I\'m also fond of the Sixth- I really feel he was treated rather harshly when he was active-, and the other Doctors all have their good points.

Fanfic wise, I\'ll try and give anything a shot, but some writers- who know who they are- have REALLY lost points with me due to their portrayal of some characters (Not only did she portray the Third Doctor as an insensitive prat rather than the cultured tinkerer he was in the series, but she actually stated that the Valeyard- the man who tried to kill his own past self and unleash the manifestation of all the evil in Time Lord society onto Earth in 1888 as part of a plan simply to save HIS existence- wasn\'t insane but just wanted to live? Does that SOUND like something a sane man would do, people?)