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Greetings! I\'m a dedicated Whovian, unfortunately stuck on the other side of the pond :(

But that\'ll change one day! :)

Here is a list of things you should know about me:

1: I do not read or write BDSM, PWP, Slash, Femslash, three-somes, four-somes, five-somes... you get the idea. Anything too explicit is out of the question too. Doctor Who is so awesome it doesn\'t need that. Frankly, I thing it detracts from it\'s awesomeness and cheapens the fic. Sorry. None of that stuff is in the Doctor\'s character either. Jack however... shivers in fear

2: I feed off reviews. Seriously. Them and bananas. So help the starving writer and send her a two-word reply! (hopefully it\'s longer than that but beggers can\'t be choosers)

4- no, 3: I have no life. Hence, my account on this site, whofic.com, and livejournal. (my pen name is the same on those sites).

4: I LOVE YOU!! (and hate pears)

5: Pairings I like: Jack/Donna, Martha/Tom, Doctor/Rose, Doctor/Romana, Doctor/OC. Pretty much anyone if I think they\'d make the Doctor happy.

6: Pairings I DON\'T like are: Doctor/Martha, Doctor/Jack, Doctor/Master (really?!), Doctor/Doctor (eek!!), Doctor/Donna (NO! She\'s like his sister! NEVER! SACRILEGE!!) and the given taboo, Doctor/River.

7: River Song does not exist in my world. Not because I hate her- we barely got to know her- but because she doesn\'t fit in my ideal little reality. I understand many fans feel the same. If we ignore her long enough I think she\'ll fade from existence. Or at the very least, be ret-conned.

8: I am not a Martha basher. I take her character in stride. Not as good as Donna, but better than others. I feel the same about Mickey, Jackie, Jack, and other companions people get violent about.

9: I like Madame de Pompadour simply because she\'s a useful tool in writing. She means I get to whack the Doctor over the head!! Honestly, it\'s so hard to love him all the time...

10: I\'m torn between 9 and 10. Don\'t ask me to decide because it would only end up with my higher functioning synapses blowing, resulting in me becoming a numb and brainless Zombie and then I couldn\'t finish my fics- so there :P

Nova out ^^
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