hmsbacklash (Rose)

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Rose. No, not Tyler. Sorry, mate.

HUGE Torchwood fan. I love reading and writing fan-fiction for it.

Totally a Janto shipper. Gwack sounds like the noise a duck makes if you punt it down the stairs; the pairing is about as appetizing. I\'ve nothing against Gwen most of the time, but she and Jack and

My English teacher flatters me with good grades and nice comments on my papers, but he\'s never seen my fan-fiction, so I don\'t really know if I\'m any good. Some people say I am. I hope I believe them.

Please, if you have a story you think I\'d like to read, link it to me. I need something to distract me from finals!

And now I leave for the English project. Damn you Odysseus...

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