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I\'m a second year student at NDSU, majoring in English but I\'m also considering graphic design. In addition to writing I enjoy making Doctor Who fanvideos, mostly Doctor/Rose. I live on a farm in the frozen North and I am totally a John Deere girl ;D

I live in the USA and I\'ve been a Doctor Who fan ever since my PBS station showed Christopher Eccleston\'s series back in the summer of 2007. Really late I know but at least they showed it(They refused to show anything else after it). Now even though I\'ve seen all of David Tennant\'s episodes and some of every other Doctor, Chris is still my Doctor. I own all 5 Series! Matt Smith is a great Doctor too! I also really like Torchwood...mostly because of Captain Jack I suppose and The Sarah Jane Adventures, even though it\'s really considered a kid\'s show :)

I\'ve been writing fanfiction for other fandoms, including Treasure Planet, Star Wars, and The Lord of the Rings for a long time now but a couple years ago(in fact only while I was working on a research paper for school)started writing for Doctor Who. I think the person mostly responsible for me starting to write for DW is my amazing friend DonnaWillowTurner who is always ready for a good Facebook/phone/in-person chat about anything in the DW/Torchwood/Stargate universe. Thanks so much, mate! Also I have to mention DanaeMS, my amazing beta, who I introduced to Doctor Who almost two years ago and who loves it. Allons-y, Danae!!!

I\'m available to beta if you like so feel free to drop me a line over on my LiveJournal or by e-mail.

My fanvideos are here if you\'re interested-http://www.youtube.com/user/JannaHawkins
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