Derek Metaltron (James Cleverley)

Member since: 2009.02.11

I'm a budding 28-year old writer who has opted to write mostly Who fiction (though my page contains stuff for SW and Marvel Comics as well) with an eye to aim to write for as many Doctors and companions as possible, plus the odd Dalek and Cyberman here and there.

Favourite Pairings: Ian/Barbara, Steven/Vicki, Ben/Polly, Jamie/Victoria, Liz/Brigadier, Four/Sarah, Four/Romana, Five/Nyssa, Five/Peri, Six/Evelyn, Seven/Benny, Eight/Romana, Eight/Charley, Nine/Rose, Ten/Rose, Ten/Sarah, Ten/Martha, Martha/Mickey, Owen/Tosh, Luke/Jenny, Amy/Rory, Eleven/River, Eleven/Sarah.

Fav TARDIS Crews: One Ian Barbara and Susan; One Steven and Vicki; Two Jamie and Victoria; Three and Jo; Four and Sarah; Four Romana 2 and K9; Five Tegan and Nyssa; Five Erimem and Peri; Six and Peri; Seven and Ace; Eight Romana and K9; Eight and Charley; Nine Rose and Jack; Ten and Donna; Eleven Amy and Rory.

Favorite Authors
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