goldenheart (Cindy Burright)

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I\'ve been a fan of Doctor Who for over 30 years, which is both remarkable and difficult for an American, considering that DVDs are few and far between, and TV is even more woeful as we do not get to see the Christmas specials until sometime in June. But, the Doctor likes a challenge and so do I, so I get what I can - DVD, book, fanfic - to supply my addiction. LOL.

List Of My Stories
1. A Timely Education
2. The Three R’s – Readin’, ‘Ritin’, & Recall, Continuing Education
3. Travel Daze
4. Choices (Part 1): An Unexpected Homecoming
5. Choices (Part 2): A Rift Between Friends
6. Best Laid Plans
7. The Contract (Part 1)
8. The Contract (Part 2)
9. The Game Goes On
10. Misdirected Eclipse
11. Black As Crystal
12. Amnesia Is A Cold Two Years In Hell
13. What Do You Want For Christmas
14. Twinkle, Twinkle, Morning Star
15. Wholesale Clearance
16. The Measure Of A Man
17. Itching A Deadly Scratch
18. Please Mister Postman
19. Three Tears For Torchwood

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