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I\'m a British, Christian, girl of a teenager (hrmmm, or would it be teenager of a girl o_O).

Future \'Fic Ideas:
- An AU of RotC.
- Worldcup drabble with 11 and Amy.
- One involving vampires, Seoul [Korea] and buses.
- A \'fic set in the big gap between the period when Doctor and Rose head for Pete\'s mansion and when they arrive at Pete\'s mansion in Rise Of The Cybermen. I mean, they must\'ve done something else other than finding Pete\'s mansion between those times. I cannot find a \'fic ANYWHERE set inbetween these two scenes, but if you know of one please don\'t hesitate to share.
- \"Thickety thick thick, that\'s what I am! Absolutely positively thick! Hah!\" He spun around and stared seriously at his companion. \"And now that\'s not something I say very often.\" \"What are you on about?\" \"It\'s Thursday the third of May, 2007, and it\'s the night when one ordinary three-year-old human girl becomes one of the biggest headlines of the media for months to come. The day Madelaine McCann disappears.\"


http://thenonexistence.tumblr.com - Tell me you\'re from here and I\'ll follow you back.

Urgently looking for a BETA-READER. Please, contact me if interested. Thank you.

=D =D =D

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