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I\'m a fairly new Who fan, but I\'ve watched all of the new who, and I\'m trying to watch bits of older who.

I absolutely adore Donna and her sibling relationship with the Doctor.

I will dearly dearly miss David Tennant as Ten, but I\'m excited to find out what Matt Smith can do as Eleven. My pet theory currently is that the Doctor in such a young form is going to have to master something none of his previous incarnations have managed--*subtlety*.

I like Rose, but I refuse to read ship fics and Doomsday/Journey\'s End fixits because I don\'t think they need fixing and I don\'t believe the Doctor *has* a soulmate, much less that it is Rose. I *despise* season-three-with-Rose! stories, especially Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords rewrites with Rose. Rose is the type to go out in a blaze of glory, she couldn\'t have done what Martha did and to claim she could have is insulting to Martha. I detest stories in which Rose, because of the Bad Wolf, is immortal like Jack--well okay, I think I\'ve seen one of those I liked.
I am so completely tempted to write a Doomsday AU in which Pete didn\'t have such good split-second timing and Rose got sucked into the void--not because I particularly want her dead but as a reaction against all the fixit fics.

I don\'t ship Doctor/Martha either.

I believe the Doctor loves *all* of his companions. And love doesn\'t always have sexual connotations.

Strangely enough, even though I almost never read slash, I\'ve lately become something of a fan of Jack/Doctor.
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