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My stories involve solely the information provided within the new Doctor Who series, starting with Christopher Eccleston and then with David Tennant. They begin after the final episode in season 4. The information provided may very well conflict with information given by the first through eighth Doctors.

I\'m purposely narrowing things down to avoid continuity errors, hoping that by just sticking with the newer set it will avoid the conflicts caused by having too many official writers making up too many of their own ideas (as has already occurred within the series itself). Mainly, I have no intention of holding either to the limit of twelve regenerations max for a Time Lord (as though this is stated in the previous series, it\'s shown or hinted at several times in both series that the Doctor has regenerated far more than twelve times), or the history presented of the Time Lords before the new series began with Christopher Eccleston (I\'m going to invent my own for what hasn\'t been stated yet in this new series, based off what this new series seems to be hinting at).

I also introduce a brand new Time Lord. Isn\'t that lovely? I do so hope you enjoy her; I gave her her name based upon the assumptions one can draw from The Master\'s second appearance in the new series, after he\'s taken his Time Lord form and regenerated, and gone to Earth. The Master is talking to The Doctor and they\'re referring to each other\'s name, each saying something about the other\'s choice of their particular name, which indicated to me that Time Lords choose the names they will go by to others.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy. Tell me what you think.
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