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Hello fellow Who fans, It\'s nice to know that I\'m not the only one who is obsessed.

I\'m new to this site and obviously I love doctor who with a passion!! I\'m a Rose/Ten shipper and I\'m going to try my hand at writing.

Please review if you like them- it would mean a lot. I have only watched the new Who series I chose the name TheEndOfThatSentence for the whole journeys end thing when Rose asked the Human Doctor \"What was the end of that sentence?\" And then we all shouted at the screen to the duplicate \"SAY I LOVE YOU!!!!\", and then Russel T Davies, evil man that he is, didn\'t even let us here it!

David Tenannt broke my heart when he told us he was leaving! Matt Smith looks quite talented and I\'m looking forward to seeing him as the Doctor. But I\'m still gutted David\'s leaving--please don\'t go! I don\'t mind if you\'re there till people drag you out in your bath chair, and neither does anyone else! I can\'t imagine anyone else taking over him really, he is just so great!! Oh and while I\'m talking about grieving, please come back Rose!! The on screen chemistry between David Tenannt and Billie Piper is spine-tingling! I really hope they do Doctor who:the musical together, then I might be able to mend my heart a little *laughs*.

I\'m having a little truoble posting atm, it\'s not because I forgot about the story at all! Its just my darn computer is having a fit atm, so I\'m gonna keep trying to post untill it finally works like last time, untill I can though I\'m gonna post them on my NEW WEBSITE *grins*, I\'m just getting used it so don\'t expect miracles.

And on my website I\'m gonna be posting the following stories, then hopefully post them on here to, when I can get it to work.

Finding What\'s missing-- In which Rose and the Doc \'find what\'s missing\'

Here In Your Arms-- Well the 1st chapter acutally posted so...YAY! And it carries on from there.

Falling To Pieces-- In which Rose gets jealous, and so does the Doctor *winks*

What Should Have Been-- I\'m thinking about finishing this one because it don\'t really know if I can go anywhere with it.

Believing In You I may change the name on this one, I\'m not sure if it really fits, anyway this one is about if Reinette really had come aboard the good ship TARDIS.

And that\'s it. *pouts* Anyway I\'ll update soon.
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