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Hello my lovelies. Trying again in submitting things here. Cheating with the html, in that I submit it elsewhere, then save the backup... which is formatted in regular html instead of css like a lot of other places.

The majority of my stories are here, but I\'m going to slowly migrate them over here as I can.

I\'ve recently started a LiveJournal for these as well. Nothing too poignant, but it\'s there.

As for me, I\'m old enough to know better and young enough to do it any way. Have been a fan of Doctor Who since the seventies, and can\'t praise Russel T. Davies enough in bringing back the series. Nine and Ten are my favourite Doctors now, but I grew up with Tom Baker, so he\'s, my all time fav. The new series brought something that I always thought was missing... the man\'s several centuries old, and he never let himself fall in love before. Rose will always be my favourite running mate with the Doctor, so my stories will always involve her in some form or fashion. As for the current Eleven? Well, the Gaiman just put out a story that I actually liked: \"The Doctor\'s Wife\". Completely brilliant, and yanked my hearts all over the place. Only caveat? Yeah, she joined with Rose before... so where was that mention?

The rest of his series and Eleven in general? Rubbish. Completely hate what the Moff has done to the Doctor, which is regress the man to a mix of the Two and Three versions of himself. Utter Rubbish. Honestly, it\'s like the series itself went into an alternate universe and the real Doctor is still out there somewhere with his stories untold.

At any rate, I hope you all enjoy my scribblings. My main series starts at the second showing of Bad Wolf Bay, where a single word - two letters, one syllable - changes everything: \"No.\"

The series is called \"Rose River AU\"

Whipped up a soundtrack for the RRAU.
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