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Well, it\'s been an awful lot of time since I\'ve written a fanfiction. But I love to write stories; not only fanfictions, but all sorts of stories film manuscripts even =D haha.. I love to write and imagining the world I\'m writing about coming to life. Hopefully you\'ll like what I come up with, and if not.. then.. well.. then I\'ll be sad :-/

And some real \'bio\' stuff:
I\'m 19 years old, I live in Denmark (and NO Denmark is NOT the capital of Sweden, Scandinavia or IKEA!)
I make fan videos and post them on YouTube (AnamariaSparrow on there as well; feel free to check out my videos!)

I love Rose Tyler! But Donna Noble is absolutely wonderful as well.
I have a crush on the Doctor, and want nothing more than to behis companion! (BBC please contact me! I\'m perfect :P LOL!!)

Well, that\'ll be all for now; I have t go to bed :-/

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