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Me? You want to know about me? You must really be bored then! That, or your a kindred spirit and love reading peoples Bio\'s, just to see what the persons like!

Now here is where the usual I LOVE DOCTOR WHO/TORCHWOOD EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! part usually is, but to be quite honest with you? Would i be a member of this site if that wasn\'t allready true?

Sorry, minds running off again! Tends to do that often! I\'m sure if you continue (and if you\'ve even gotten to this part of my profile I congratulate you!) you will come across my Doctor Who Squee paragraph!

Then again, I might just get bored and stop writing ... either one works ... But right now I must take my leave before I send anyone else insane from reading ... um ... this.

Though sanity is overrated, really because what sane person would of actually thought up the idea of a Time Lord and his TARDIS travling through time and space? None that I know. Though again thats not saying much seeing as most of the people i\'m in close contact with are usually as random as I am.

Well how about i actually tell you about moi now huh?
Im an 18 year old from Yorkshire, UK.
Female if that wasn\'t allready apparant from my name.
I probably became an actual fan when the New Who came to our screens, though I have been watching Doctor Who since ... well lets just say those Sundays when all they\'d show on UKTVGOLD was Doctor Who? Yeah I had no chance of escape. LOL! Come on some of you that are my age have to remember running down the stairs on a sunday thinking \'Dad better be in bed I want cartoons!\' then you walk in and theres dad on the couch and what do ya know! Doctor Whos on. And you sit there thinking \'OhMIGod Kill me this is so boring!\' and your Dads sat there explaining \'When I was your age and younger this used to frighten all of us kids! We\'d be sat behind that couch ....\' and you just sit there with a o.0 expression.

Wow I know how to ramble! Tis the burden I bare see. Now if you\'ve made it this far, I have to give you a Cookie! because its only fair! ^_^

This is probably the part where you decide if my storys are worth the effort because i list my likes and dislikes of the show and shipping world, because often we all know it comes down to that.

So! Lets get to it!
... lets just put and end to it and say im hardcore no turning back, not gonna change, 9/Rose 10/Rose 10.2/Rose shipper. Though I can say I often read 9/Rose/Jack 10/Rose/Jack.

HOWEVER just because of that does in NO WAY mean I don\'t like Martha, Because I do! I just prefer her as a friend not a lover. Then theres Donna, seriously ... who DOESNT like Donna! I Love her! From the companions of 1-8 I have to say Ace, Sarah Jane, Romana and Peri are at the top of my mind when I think of faves.

There are some things however that just ARE NOT COMPATABLE with my delusions ... River Song being at the top ... will not do not and SHALL NOT believe it. Not even if its shown to us and theres an actual scene that goes on for five minutes full of \'I love you so so so so so so much! Squee!\' I WILL NOT BELIEVE IT! I shall believe that the poor innocent Doctor was hit by some sort of something that made him do that and shes controlling it. .
I tell you its because of River Song that he becomes the Valeyard, shes enough to send the goodest of people evil.

Well lets leave my profile there for now, because I think your poor minds need to rest.

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