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I\'M BAAAAAAAAACK! Did anyone miss me?!
*crickets chirp*

Well, I certainly missed you guys. I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year! My three darling wives, who I haven\'t spoken to in AGES - I\'m so sorry! I\'m a terrible wife! Tons of love and hugs, srsly xxx


Hello! My name is Heather, welcome to my world. It consists of an unhealthy love for all things Who/Torchwood, a possibly criminal adoration for The Beatles, a probably illegal obsession with Monty Python and an almost certainly harmful addiction with drinking tea. Give me a guitar, a cuppa and a comedy quote - ME LOVE YOU LONG TME.

Speaking of love - yourworstnightmare, manyshadesoflove and kerriangel. If you don\'t know about our crazy sixty-million way bisexual marriage, you do now. I luff you guys, honestly and I urge everyone to check out their writing, because they are fantastic. Bucketfuls of love to anyone else who has comment my work - you make it all worthwhile.

I haven\'t written in ages, but an EPIC is just spewing out of me as we speak. Whether it\'ll make it onto Word is a different matter entirely. I like hurt/angst fics and plenty of Janto love. Maybe you\'ll find some on here, I dunno. I hope you like what you see *twiddles thumbs nervously*

So, thanks for stopping by.
Tha-thu-tha-thu-that\'s all folks!

Heather xxx

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