Shake_n_Shiver (Sinecure)

Member since: 2008.08.10

As of today, August 12th, I, JennyLD, will no longer be posting my fics to this account. If you\'d like to read anything I may post in the future please check out my Teaspoon page.


Welcome to the domain of sinecure and JennyLD!

We write angst and smut. And smut and angst. And sometimes a few other things as well. But always with the smut and angst.

Yes, we know it\'s Shiver and Shake, but that was taken. The meaning behind the username for us is simple: I\'m sinecure and Jenny says that I have to be shiver because I make people \'shiver\' with my smut. She\'s Shake because she makes people \'shake\' with her angst.

We write separately. She has her fics here, I have mine. Just look to see who is thanked as a beta to figure out who wrote what.

But, we are working on a joint fic. We just need to finish and post it.

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