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I\'m an eighteen year old A Level student in the middle of her exams who profusely denies any knowledge of any \"cute Scottish bloke with the most amazing sideburns\" who pretends to ride around in a blue \"bigger on the inside\" police box. my bedroom walls/door say otherwise.

I\'m a big fan of writing Ten, truth be told, he is the only Doctor I can actually write, although I have attempted Nine in some stories. I\'m also a big fan of Doctor/Rose and Doctor/Donna, so most of the stories will be them, with maybe Martha thrown in for good measue. I\'m working on trying to write Jack, but please excuse me if he doesn\'t work out correctly (:

I\'m currently working on two series, Tyler Smith, which are the \"adventures\" of Ten.2 and Rose with added family. And then Reunion, which is fairly obvious.

Added fics will pop up when they get into my mind (:



05/07/2009: computer troubles over, grammar problems possibly an issue, I\'ve submitted something so fingers crossed!

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