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Been a Doctor Who fan since the 70s. Tom Baker was \"my Doctor.\" Watched all the episodes from Hartnell on until sometime in Colin Baker\'s time when the series lost me. I just couldn\'t watch anymore when production values started tanking. The TV movie was a tease- I loved Paul McGann\'s Doctor, but hated what they did at the time to make Dr.Who acceptable to the masses. Made me a bit nervous when I heard that the series was coming back, so I didn\'t rush to watch it. Fate stepped in as I was on a flight from Las Vegas to Boston, my first time in first class, and what comes on the in-flight movie but \"The Unquiet Dead.\" My first exposure to Eccleston. I was the happiest person on that flight I think. Sitting in first class with a beer in my hand and Doctor Who on the screen!
Since then I\'ve been back in deep- buy the toys,the books,the soundtrack,watch all the episodes, and read way too much fiction on this site than is probably healthy.
By training I\'m an illustrator, and until recently was employed in the digital signage industry. I was recently laid off so I have decided to work on writing and illustrating a children\'s book. Wish me luck!!!
I\'m very much a 10/Rose shipper. I like 9/Rose, but don\'t think I really have 9 down like I do 10. Too many other writers can handle him much better than I. I write for 10. I love David Tennant\'s portrayal, and I\'ve even forgiven him for being a year younger than me. He has replaced Tom Baker as \"my Doctor\" now. I\'m in the USA near Boston and have 2 kids and a hubby clamoring for my time, so please forgive me if my updates aren\'t as timely as they should be.

I\'m doctorstimelady over on LJ- I don\'t post there much, but occasionally comment. http://doctorstimelady.livejournal.com/
I also just posted some of my drawings over on deviantart- http://thetimelady.deviantart.com/

Big thankyous go out to this site for bringing me some of my dearest friends I\'ve never met. I\'ll change that this year girls! I promise!!!
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