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Hidey ho, neighborino!

...wow...okay I need some hobbies...

Anyways hello! My name is Geneviève, and for all of those of you who\'s parents aren\'t Cajun French Nerds, my name sounds like \"John-vee-ev\" - with a French accent. It makes it a girly apparently.

And for anyone who\'s wondering. No I\'m not French- well in the meaning of I wasn\'t born in France, though I hear it\'s quite lovely about now.

Back to the subject though, most of my friends call me John(the male pronunciation) or V also a few other ones (my friends are really annoyingly creative....).

Okay writings? Oooh I have alot, but I\'m a shy little thing so I\'ll post some of my ramblings once in a while. I\'m not new to the whole writing-for-fandom-experience, but with a bit of this a bit of that, a bit of Sweet Tangerine, and I\'m here *waves* SO back to the writings I know I\'m really good at one-shots (zee plot, she disapears), and I\'ve been experimenting with a new writing technique...no clue how that\'s gonna work out.

On here I\'ll write for Doctor Who and Torchwood cause they are like awesome, dude, but if you can find me on lj I write for a number of things; TV shows, Movies, Bands.....yes bands, be afraid...

More about me? Er, I am a nerd, like stereotypical nerd (braces, glasses, vests...) plus weird (a-symmetrical haircut, ripped jeans (it was accident!) and black chucks). I love playing the piano; I have no clue how to read sheet music, but I still have fun.

Oh some of my fav bands are The Hush Sound, The Cab, Phantom Planet, Panic at the Disco, Depeche Mode, David Bowie, the Beatles, DEVO, Paramore, They Might Be Giants, ect, ect, ect.

My friend recently brought over the Black Parade and made me listen to Fall Out Boy constantly over the period of four days (I am now mentally warped) she said it was only fair because I was making her listen the Hush Sound. We have this thing going where it\'s like Pete Wentz vs. Bob Morris, basically FOB lyrics vs. THS lyrics and who\'s are weirder.

Alot of my acts and jokes do revolve around the Fueled By Ramen bands. If I don\'t make sense sometimes... that’s why.

Alright so I gave you a bunch a ramble for a long bio so somewhat normal info follows

Age: Teen-High School Years
Location: Louisiana, USA
Interests: Music, Computer, Doctor Who, Torchwood, The Hush Sound, David Tennant, Bob Morris....hang on I think we\'re getting a little off track here....
Intent: TO try and take over the world! Wait, I mean try to write fics for your entertainment.

Thanks for stopping by, even if you didn\'t read my ridiculous bio. :)
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