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Well about me.....

I talk very very fast about completely nothing, well not nothing but I can talk about nothing. I think the actual word is anything, nevermind. Um I have loads of friends and bore them with doctor who and Harry potter infomation.

I love Doctor who and Harry potter and I\'m on the Harry potter fanfiction site
as hermionefan25, Oh so I love Hermione aswell.

I am quite neardy and have just begun to write poetry, Hp and Doctor who. I love torchwood and Sarah Jane adventures aswell and I want Jack to kiss the Doctor so The Doctor has kissed everyone, not on purpose (obviously)

Umm... I love Werewolves and vampires. When Rose left I cried alot. And while watching the second to last doctor who I was literally jumping up and down in my seat (the friend I was watching it with was a bit frightened)

I love to read Hp, Doctor who, magical books, Terry pratchitt and loads more but I don\'t want to bore you anymore.

I hope everyone is well.

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