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I\'m 25, I live in the southern US. I\'m one of those queer, vegetarian, atheist, feminist, leftist intellectuals, which means I lose sleep at night debating whether \"they\" should be used as a genderless singular pronoun.

I chose my Penname because of my love of 1) language and 2) Two. I\'ve been a Doctor Who fan since April 2008, and I still can\'t decide whether Classic Who or NewWho is my favourite, but ever since these Series Four characters like \"Jinni\" (or whatever) and *cringe* \"River Song\" showed up, I gotta say I\'m leanin toward Classic. My favourite Doctors are Two, Four, Five and Ten (though One, Seven, Eight and Nine are all running a close second). My favourite oldschool companions have so far been Jamie, Zoe, Sarah Jane, and Ace. Adric\'s starting to grow on me, but mostly because I sort of have to respect anyone who would go around with a Badge For Mathematical Excellence proudly pinned to a shirt made out of a mangled rainbow.

I write slash and only slash, particularly since my most recent (okay, *only*) foray into the world of hetshipping turned up enough blasphemously OOCy heteronormativity to give someone like me a Louis Black-style \"if-it-weren\'t-for-my-horse\" braineurysm. In this fandom, my favourite pairings have been Two/Jamie, Doctor/Master (mostly Five/Ainley and Ten/Simm), Doctor/Jack, and the occasional Predecessor!Doctor/Successor!Doctor PWP, because physics should never be allowed to stand in the way of porn.
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