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I\'m currently in the process of getting all of my DW stories put up on this site as well. All of my work can be found on fanfiction.net under the account label \"Bubbles the All-Powerful.\"

I. Don\'t. Like. Rose. I hate her. I hate her habit of inviting people onto the TARDIS without asking the Doctor. I hate it that she lasted two seasons, where as Martha, who is much more awesome, lasted one. I hate it that the Doctor spent the entire third season moping about her being gone, instead of realizing how awesome Martha is. And I hate it that she\'s coming back. She should stay stuck in that paralell universe where she belongs. Romana didn\'t get to come back. Jack didn\'t get to come back, for long. Martha didn\'t get to come back for long either. Sarah Jane showed up for one episode. And you can bet on your life that once Donna leaves, she ain\'t coming back. And more\'s the pity, because when it comes to actresses, Catherine Tate is too awesome to be ignored.


Five Companions Bubbles Adores:
5. Martha (She used to be higher on the list, but Donna came along and Sarah got her own show and that knocked her down and besides, pining over the Doctor doesn\'t help your chances either.)
4. Sarah Jane (Oh come on, no one can deny she\'s great.)
3. Romana I (Because she is fab, and that\'s all there is to it. In fact she was once my favorite, but then Jack came along.)
2. Jack (He breaks every moral and scruple I know, and I love him for it.)
1. Donna (Because, like I said, Catherine Tate is too awesome to be ignored.)

5 People Who didn\'t become companions (but should have)

1. Richard (Okay, his name wasn\'t Richard, but I can\'t remember what his character was called because when he was introducing himself I freaked out and was all, \"That\'s Richard! You know, from Keeping Up Appearances?\")
2. Jenny (Who is awesome, and may come back or get her own show. Either way, she didn\'t get to be a companion, and that is sad.)
3. Alonso (Mind you, the Allons-y, Alonso thing would have become quite old.)
4. Agatha Christie (Ok, ok, that never would have worked out. Still. Would have been awesome.)
5. The werewolf (Yes, I realize that it\'s a bad idea to keep a werewolf as a pet, but it\'s also a bad idea to keep your friends hands in jars, and that didn\'t stop Jack.)

5 Reasons Harry Lloyd Should Be the Next Doctor (he\'s on the list of people they\'re considering)
1. He\'s unbelievably gorgeous.
2. He is the great-great-great-(great?)-grandson of the Doctor\'s favorite author.
3. He has already worked alongside of 2\'s grandson.
4. He would make the second Doctor to be involved with a Robin Hood series.
5. Have you seen him?

So there you go. Harry Lloyd is on the list of people they\'re considering, and is by far the best choice, so, go, spread the word and make the writers and producers and casting directors get wind of this information so that they know he\'s the one we want. Cause really, those other guys they\'re considering, they\'re old.
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