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I\'m a singer/actor/performer based in the UK. I\'m a long time Dr Who fan way back to the Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker days but lost the faith during the intervening years. Ten bought me back into the fold, although I love series one mainly for Rose. I am a Ten/Rose fangirl. I am very new to fanfic, only finding Teaspoon by accident. I\'m a published poet and have had plays performed on the professional stage but have never before managed to write a story. I don\'t know why but I suppose I had to wait till the muse struck and the time was right. Now I\'ve been bitten by the bug and, when we lose Ten at the end of next year, imagination will be the only tool for survival. Hurrah for imagination.

4/5/09. Here as promised is the list of the Doctor and Rose\'s children in my story Equilibrium:

The Doctor and Roseís Children in order of birth and approx ages and TARDIS names.

(G) Charis 16 NUMA Neo-Universal Matrix Augmentation
(B) Lucas 14
(G) Bella 13 UNA Universal Navigational Apparatus
(B) Hari 12 BLADE Bi-Lateral Alternate Dimension Entity
(G) Blaise 11 BABE Because itís an Infant
(B) Finn 9 SAM After a Hobbit
(B) Jerel 7 JESS Jerels Extra Special Spaceship
(G) Kessia 5 KITTI Kinetic Interstellar Time Travel Interface
(B) Regan 3 LOTTO Latest of The TARDIS Offspring
(G) Majel New Born SPEC Spatial Parenthesis Exigency Capsule

24th March

Just a note to apologise to anyone who has been reading and reviewing and getting no feedback from me. I\'ve had a really rough year ending up with a second surgery in 18 months this time for Endometrial Cancer. Twin Solitudes has stalled for a while but I will finish it. I wrote about 1000 words a couple of weeks ago but I\'m not happy with it - still at least it\'s writing and not moping - thank you for your patience

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