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Well, I\'m a newer fan, started watching in 2007.

While I consider Rose as my first companion, Neither 9 or 10 are really my \"First Doctor\". I watched series 1 & 3 at the same time, so I love them both equally. Though I was sad the first time I saw the regeneration.

I also absolutely love love LOVE Donna and Jack. And Ianto, Tosh, Owen and Gwen. And Martha. Pretty much everyone in the New Who series, and I\'m working my way through the Classic episodes slowly, with lots of love to my library.

My friends say I\'m fantastic at making icons, while I don\'t really see it, I guess there\'s some truth to it, since I\'ve won a few icon challenges.

When it comes to writing, I\'m a bit nervous to be honest, about writing our beloved Doctor and companions. Though, give me Daleks to poke fun at, and I feel perfectly content at doing that. I think that, for now, I\'ll be working baby steps up towards writing the Doctor, Rose, Martha, Jack, Donna and everyone else.

Frost and Donna Approved have been nominated in the Tosh, fluff and ficlet categories and Donna, humor and ficlet categories of round 3 respectively!
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