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Age: 18 (as of May the 11th 2008)
Gender: Male
I first became interested in Doctor Who in the spring of 2007, when the first episode of the new series was first shown in my country. At the time I didn\'t really know what it was *(although I had some idea that it had been popular in the past), but I quickly learned, and am still learning.
I\'ve seen all the episodes in the new series up to and including \"The Fires of Pompeii\", but of the old series I\'ve seen \"Robot\", \"Genesis of the Daleks\", \"The Stones of Blood\", \"City of Death\" and the 1996 TV movie (The Enemy within).
I\'m making a stop-motion based series of short Doctor Who episodes, see this link:
The series revolves around an alternate Tenth Doctor and entirely new companions.
I\'ve sometimes thought about writing my own Doctor Who story (And I have already written four scripts for my stop-motion series), although I\'d obviously have to learn quite a bit more about the basic history and mythology of the Whoniverse before I could properly do that.

But until then, cheers!

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