Midori (Nicole)

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Ho, I have been asked to add a few information about my Doctorish preferences... so...
I like both Nine and Ten, we will see with Eleven, but if I have to nominate one, I would say Ten. For the original Doctors, my favourite is Five, followed by Three.

As for companions, I do not like Martha that much, Rose is a bit too... hm... clingy for me in the way she is portrayed in the series. She is \"better\" in the New Series Adventures. My favourite companion is ... Donna (not too hard to guess, hey?). In the original series, I like Ace a lot, and Sarah Jane, and Tegan for her stubbornness.

I also like Torchwood a lot, and specifically Jack and Ianto. If you want me to like your stories, you can have any combination of Nine / Ten / Jack / Ianto / Donna... in situations ranging from total smut (even mpreg) to those suitable for children :-)