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As Doctor Who fans go I don\'t think I\'m typical. I don\'t really hate any of it. I was 7 when the series finished, and so I\'d only really started getting in to it (McCoy\'s the man), when I was a bit older. I grew up in the hiatus, and gradually I was one of the few people in my class who actually knew anything about Doctor Who. \"Knock, knock Doctor Who?\", see that joke never worked when I was growing up ;-) Did it ever work? ;-)

But about my style. The first ever Doctor Who book I read was Vampire Science, by Jon Blum and Kate Orman, and really enjoyed it, and so read many of the early eighth Doctor books. Later I met up with an old friend, who loaned to me a huge range of old Doctor Who episodes, and became quite addicted to the second Doctor stories - sadly there are only a limted number of these. So when I think of the Doctor, even with the marvellous David Tennant in the role, I tend to think of Troughton, McCoy and McGann first when I\'m writing for any Doctor. Of course they\'re all brilliant, as the Brig was once heard to say. Right, well, hopefully I can make some reasonable contributions to this site, with my challenge to entertain you. And as I know how challenging it is to entertain Doctor Who fans, I\'ve got my work cut out!

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