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I am Aussie Dalek, or Zoe (or Zoz), as I\'m commonly known as. I first got involved with Doctor Who when I saw Rose , aged 9 or 10 and since then, it has spiralled out of control... I\'ve been addicted to all the new series so far, plus I\'ve discovered some Classic Who as well, which is also great.

I veer wildly between romance!angst and crack. Sometimes this happens in a single story, which can be confusing for both of us.

My all-time favourite companion is Romana (any incarnation) because she was undeniably awesome. She took no bull from anyone and had some of the best lines. (WHY was she not in End of Time, RTD?! Why?)

I ship Doctor/Romana and Doctor/Master. This can be very conflicting. :/ John Simm as the Master is a crazy, mad, hot mess of evilness, and j\'adore.

David Tennant is a legend!!!! I\'m still excited about Matt Smith though (the hair! Don\'t cut it off, dude, it\'s too cute)!

In non-Who related news, I love indie music (esp. Arctic Monkeys, Bloc Party, Lily Allen and Florence + the Machine), Audrey Hepburn, Converses, vintage clothes and being random. :P

Life is better when you have wonderful friends, a loyal dog by your side, an epic soundtrack, an Audrey film or three... and of course some Doctor Who DVDs. Plus chocolate helps.

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