L Thess (Kielly Holmes)

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Updating at last...and now I can\'t think of anyrhing to say...:-)

Ok, I\'m eighteen, British (arrgrgghhh), female...huge Doctor Who fan, ENORMOUS Arctic Monkeys and Greenday fan, got hundreds of stories in my head but most of the tiem I lack the motivation to actually write them down. I\'m currently working on three (!) WIP\'s: A Captain Jack Series set before he meets Rose and the Doctor. The first story is called \"Clipped Wings\" and is nearly complete. I\'m also writing a story called The New Empire about a girl called Sophia who the 9th Doctor saves from inprisonment after the time war.
My 3rd WIP is a novel that is still in the planning stage and is my own original work (although heavily influenced by Doctor Who and Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (the books)).

I also like cats, Nickelback, Snow Patrol, most breeds of Rock Music (LOL) and baked alaska. :-b I enjoy collecting tarot cards as well, and doing amatuer dramatics (and I\'m in love with one of my friends there which is never a good thing...I\'ll never live it down because he goes to college with my best friend). That\'s me in a nutshell. :-) My favourite story of mine is In The End, but don\'t read it, you\'ll go blind...

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