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September 23, 2008 : My lord, I didn\'t realise I hadn\'t been on here in so long!!! I\'m SEVENTEEN. It\'s been three years!!!! Sorry for not updating or adding anything. I\'ve been thinking about writing something about Doctor Who since I\'ve re-watched the 9th series. How I\'ve missed this site... (actually, I forgot about it lol)

I\'m just a girl who likes to write fan fiction. I know it doesn\'t seem like it now, but I really like to write dark or funny fics. Usually dark fics, but I seem to come up with jokes, so enter the humor fics.

Er... I live in Canada. Cadao is my sister. We sometimes write together.

I\'m only 14, but I write slash and femslash, so I might as well read it, lol. So none of that \'you\'re too young to read this\' crap would be muchly apreciated. (I also can\'t spell).

Well, how I got into Doctor Who: About midnight, one o\'clock, somewhere abouts, I got up for a drink of water. My mom was watching Doctor Who, and I got interested. I beleive it was the Fourth, but I am not sure. I was tired, I barely remember it lol. But that\'s how it started. When the new series started, I started watching it.

Doctor Who is one of my favourite shows, even though I\'m not much into television. I\'m more into video games. I\'d love a Doctor Who video game... that\'d be neat.

I\'ve also been a fan of Billie Piper for a long while. Her song \'She Wants You\' has always been a favourite, even though up untill 2005 I didn\'t know she sang it.

Lol, whatever, I ramble! Go read the fiction!

Doctor (One through Ten): Yes, it\'s all about ME!
Rose: And ME!
Jack: And ME, too!
(I don\'t know any other companion\'s names, sorry! But they all say it too!)
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