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In Metamorphosis.

I finally started posting fic. Yay, me.

I am essentially a Ten/Rose shipper. I can\'t help it, those two are adorable. And David Tennant has recently begun to own my soul. His voice/accent is sex. I still like Nine/Rose, but that\'s getting pushed by the wayside, which makes me a little sad. But... David Tennant!

I\'m not a big fan of the Emo!Doctor we\'ve been getting these past two seasons. And River Song never happened. ;)

What else? Oh, I\'m a sucker for a happy ending. Really, we have real life and tv and movies and books for tearjerker endings. I want my endings to be happy in the fic I read/write. Though, that doesn\'t mean the journey there will be all puppies and hearts and flowers.


She Stopped Walking Away
La Petite Mort
5 Clichés That Didn\'t Work, and 1 That Did
Oh, Snap!
Better Man
She Likes Watching
Roe Styla
Better Woman
5 Ways Rose Tyler Nearly Left Him and 1 Way She Did
Inciting Arousal
Be All My Sins Remembered
Show \'n Tell (part 1/2)
Discordant (Story 1 in the Blind & Bound series)
Pink Silk
Porn Battle Drabbles


Blind and Bound - (Working on the second story in the series) Rose Tyler traveled through universes to get back to the Doctor. What did she see in those universes, and how did they affect her? -- My NaNoWriMo fic. It\'s slowly being shaped into something I\'ll be posting in January. A huge, multi-chaptered fic, this is going to be a series. The first part of the series is written.

Fractured. A Dark!Ten fic. I\'m still working out the kinks in this one with my beta, so it may be a while before I start posting it.

Set the Story Straight - A monster mutli-chapter fic that needs some direction before it gets any further.

Second Verse - Another monster multi-chapter fic that I mostly have plotted out, but has been pushed to the back burner while I work on Fractured.

Aftermath - Another partially plotted fic with Dark!Ten that\'s on the back burner.

And many more... that I\'m not going to share with you, because that\'s just teasing. But believe me, there are many more. Because when I get ideas, I get ideas. And I write them all down. Eventually they grow and become big-girl fics. Sometimes, they don\'t, and that\'s just sad.


A sequel to She Stopped Walking Away.
A sequel to La Petite Mort.

I\'d like to thank everyone for all the reviews and feedback! I appreciate it like nothing else! :)

I also have a joint account here under the name Shake_n_Shiver with fellow Teaspooner JennyLD. We have a series of vignettes going called the Glimpses series. We\'ll also be doing joint stories. I mostly bring the smut, she mostly brings the angst, though we have been known to switch.

As I have so little to offer, enjoy all the fics and authors I have favorited.
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